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My Form

Thanks to my dear friend who created the form for all of here I am now the second to fill out the form. So here it is! You get a peep show into the mind of the1leftbhind.

Favorite Bands: Evanescence,The Killers,No Doubt(not Gwen),Linkin Park,Maroon 5,Dashboard Confessional,Black Eyed Peas,Garbage,Good Charlotte, Fuel,3 Doors Down,Seether,12 Stones

Top Hottest Famous People: Halle Berry,Kate Beckinsale,Eva Longoria,Jennifer Love Hewitt,Fergie,Beyonce Knowles,Eva Mendez,Jessica Alba

Fave Actor & Actress:Will Farrel & Halle Berry

Fave Show: Friends,Buffy,Smallville,(Anything on FUSE)

Fave Boyband: Rascal Flatts(hate country now)

Fave Candy: Hershey Kiss-Caramel

Fave Color: Black

Honeymoon Spot: Ireland,Greece,Rome,Paris,Italy

Fave Song:"Don't Phunk With My Heart": B.E.P. (for now)

Fave Music Video: "Mr. Brightside": The Killers

Top 3 Movies: X2:X-men United,Serendipity,The Incredibles

Fave Store(s):Old Navy,Pacific Sunwear (anywhere with graphic tees non feminine)

Fave Website (besides lj)

Fave Drink:Diet Dr. Pepper

Fave Quote:"The heart is the only instrument that still works when it's broken." "No one dies from a broken heart, they only wish they would."
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