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So what makes you think that I won't get it?

Hey everyone!

This community is gonna rock once we get it goin! I'm gonna make up this form or application or whatever for our sure to fill it out once you join!

Here it is:

Favorite Bands: My Chemical Romance, The Used, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Avril Lavigne, The Killers, Blink 182, Coheed & Cambria, Green Day, Gwen Stefani, Simple Plan

 Top Hottest Famous People: Gerard Way, Bert McCracken, Mark Hoppus, Landon Donovan, Brandon Flowers, Rivers Cuomo, Brandon Boyd, Pierre Bouvier, Adam Lazarra...etc.

Fave Actor & Actress: Adam Sandler & Reese Witherspoon

Fave Show: Gilmore Girls

Fave Boyband: Backstreet Boys

Fave Candy: Reese's Eggs

Fave Color: Pink

Honeymoon Spot: Hawaii, England, or Canada

Fave Song: The Taste of Ink  (--The Used)

Fave Music Video: Helena  -MCR

Top 3 Movies: Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Happy Gilmore

Fave Store(s): Pac Sun, Aeropostale, Hot Topic

Fave Website (besides lj):

Fave Drink: RC

Fave Quote: ~None of us are virgins...Life Screws us all!


Ok, guys...I know it's a lot, but cmon! You know it's fun to fill out this kinda stuff! As for now...This is Nicole, Signin Out...Peace! *\m/*

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