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Mick's Brilliant Idea

Well as Nicole my lovely assistant that contrary to popular belief was not the what appeared to be blonde in "Buffy the Vampire Layer", but if you'd like to purchase that at a discounted price you might wanna contact her. So here it is the Incredible Mick's list for those vids that give you headaches... from all the dancin and headbanging I mean. So here they be.
!)Mr Brightside- The Killers
@)Sugar- Trick Daddy, Cee Lo, Lil Kim
#)Take Me Out- Franz Ferdinand
$)Don't Phunk With My Heart- B.E.P.
%)Karma- Alicia Keys
^)Candy Shop- 50 Cent
&)Going Under- Evanescence
*)Broken- Seether & Amy Lee

Well Dat be em. Hope we get more people to join otherwise we'll have some slim pickins when it comes time to tally the votes. I hope I got that second name right on Sugar... I don't remember exactly who it is. I hate how on the radio they never play the part where LiL Kim comes in. I mean play the whole frickin song! Well hey this is Mick signing out.

Well wait lol. Here is the URL of my new webpage that is a page of icons and it doesn't take long to get them on there so really soon it's be boomin. So check it out...
(hope that link works)
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